Putting People First for a Better Tomorrow

We’re leading the charge for decision-making that meets the needs of people and planet.

Most people agree that the wellbeing of current and future generations is a primary purpose of government. But getting there contains challenges that legacy toolkits do not equip us for. 

Our Wellbeing Initiative builds wellbeing into decision-making in Australian institutions. This year we have made significant progress, and interest in wellbeing approaches is surging across the country.

Our Impact

Incoming Treasurer’s first budget includes wellbeing statement guided by CPD research

Spurring innovative best practice through roundtables with senior public officials, political leaders and global experts 

Bringing world-leading ideas to local decision-makers to provide ambition and direction for Australian wellbeing 

Charting the Course

In August our Redefining Progress report examined 21 global wellbeing approaches from the past 50 years, and identified four essential characteristics for Australia’s own wellbeing journey. 

A key recommendation was to proactively measure what matters to Australians. This recommendation is reflected in the proposed national wellbeing framework, a major milestone on Australia’s wellbeing journey. We have closely advised the Federal government throughout the development and consultation of Treasury’s Measuring What Matters framework. 

Our guiding principles for wellbeing budgeting informed Treasurer Jim Chalmers’ first budget, which included a dedicated wellbeing chapter citing CPD’s work alongside the OECD, and included a commitment to expanding how progress is measured beyond legacy economic indicators.

As the ambition and scope of Australia’s wellbeing approach evolves we are providing evidence-backed and decisive direction to key decisions throughout government and beyond.  

Connecting Leaders & Decision Makers

Our flagship event, the John Menadue Oration, was delivered by Sophie Howe, the inaugural Future Generations Commissioner of Wales. 

In addition to a compelling oration on Wales’ path to global wellbeing leadership, CPD coordinated meetings with key leaders including Federal Treasury Secretary Stephen Kennedy,  Federal Ministers and their advisers, the Department of Prime Minister & Cabinet, Children’s Commissioner Anne Hollonds and key members of the Federal Parliamentary Press Gallery. We also enabled her to appear on Channel 10’s The Project; ABC TV’s Q&A; RN Breakfast; RN Big Ideas and more.

This combination of direct engagement with key figures and public messaging advocacy has played an important role providing direction and shape to Australia’s developing wellbeing approach.  

Alongside this activity, the CPD Wellbeing Government Roundtables and our work as co-chair of the Wellbeing Economy Alliance (WEAll) Australia Hub have fostered innovative connections, shared best practice and strengthened the wellbeing economy community in Australia.

Building the Case for Wellbeing

CPD’s Wellbeing Initiative continues to make strides in promoting wellbeing frameworks to guide government decision-making across Australia and the region.

Following further community consultation and the release of the government’s standalone Measuring What Matters statement, the team will continue to advise and consult with key stakeholders on the best ways for Australia to place the wellbeing of people, place and the environment at the forefront of government decision making.

A broad, inclusive national conversation will help define what truly matters to Australians, and help shine a guiding light on where we want to head as a nation.