A Sustainable Future Beyond National Borders

CPD’s international work on forced migration and energy transition is solving the most urgent challenges facing our region by fostering leadership and cooperation in the Indo-Pacific.

Bali Process activates emergency response to Myanmar refugee crisis 

UN, civil society endorse eight-step Future Ready reform pathway

Faster paths to permanent resettlement developed

Creating Swift, Safe Paths to Resettlement

Our collaborative efforts with regional partners, as well as those from the US and Canada, have paved the way for more efficient and transparent resettlement procedures. The collaboration between experts, academics, and government representatives in our work on resettlement is driving a substantial impact, fostering improved pathways and responses to forced migration crises.

Insights gleaned from the rapid response to the Taliban takeover in Afghanistan, combined with our comprehensive program recommendations for clearer pathways to permanent residency, have become instrumental in reshaping the resettlement landscape. 

By facilitating the exchange of information and best practices among major resettling nations, CPD is at the forefront of innovative refugee resettlement strategies.

Effective Responses to Forced Migration

In February this year Adelaide hosted the first Ministerial meeting of the Bali Process since 2018. The co-Chairs triggered emergency measures to protect people seeking freedom from violence in Myanmar taking sea voyages in the Andaman Sea and Bay of Bengal.

CPD’s Asia Dialogue on Forced Migration was instrumental in this decision, the development of the emergency measures themselves, and their first use in 2017. 

We lobbied co-Chairs Penny Wong and Retno Masurdi, and briefed more than 20 Australian, Indonesian and regional officials. Public advocacy in the Sydney Morning Herald, The Australian, the Diplomat, Lowy Interpreter and ABC Radio National supported this work. 

It built on 2022’s Future Ready report which called for eight key reforms. The pathway this report proposed was echoed by UN agencies and civil society ahead of the Adelaide meeting. 

We are assisting the regional governments to coordinate search and rescue missions, provide resettlement, and to preempt and prevent further crises.

We also continued to advance alternatives to detention in our region with partners in Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, New Zealand and Thailand.

Regional Collaboration on Clean Energy Transition

In 2022 CPD hosted a G20 event on energy transition, which heard from Indonesia’s Vice-President Ma’ruf Amin, and cabinet ministers holding the energy and finance portfolios, alongside global leaders in decarbonisation.

Some of the recommendations of our event on energy transition financing were included in the final Bali Compact endorsed by G20 leaders and also influenced aspects of the breakthrough $20 billion Just Energy Transition Plan for Indonesia.

CPD has also established the Australia-Indonesia Energy Transition Policy Dialogue, a standing dialogue of officials from both countries solving policy challenges to decarbonisation.

On the basis of this success CPD has been chosen as energy sector partner of Indonesia as 2023 ASEAN Chair.